I’m posting this song today as a prayer for my friends and family currently affected by the fires in Southern California. I think of you every day, sending prayers for safety and sweet air. . . I also pray that in the wake of these fires, we dedicate ourselves even more wholeheartedly to the restoration and care of this blooming, fertile earth. . . This is no small task, but it is necessary if we wish to leave this tortured land any better than we found it. I don’t think we can afford to leave the task to anonymous strangers anymore ~ this work is for each of us, every day, in large and small ways. These times ask for a total reframing of what is important, of what we should live for, and what we can leave behind. The earth can’t afford our merely human-centric way of thinking anymore ~ it is time to remember and honor this delicate matrix that we are woven within, that we rely entirely upon, in all its precariousness and synergistic balance. May we devote ourselves to healing our relationship with the earth, her many non-human creatures, and all the marginalized people who still suffer in the aftermath of our relentless pace for modern, industrial society.

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