(A Working Document)

Since for many this may be a new term (especially as it’s being used now outside of overt, racist examples such as the KKK), I’m compiling a list of things that I think fit under this header (and some of its unfortunate results). This list is ever-expanding, and I welcome your additions… (please use the comment section below)

I’m not an expert, and this is surely an incomplete list (this is just one earth-loving white woman’s take), but it’s a start at recognizing white supremacy both in the world and in myself.

When do I become forgetful and fall into these traps? Where do I see these systems at play in the world, and how can I advocate for dismantling them?



Climate change.

Disconnect from the earth.

Disconnect from a sense of reciprocity with the planet & humanity.

Oil spills.

Having to work solely for a paycheck, and still barely scraping by.

Extraction of limited resources without thought of replenishment.

Competition within society (at the expense of others).

Letting people “fall through the cracks.“

Blissful ignorance of all the resources that go into all the luxuries, pleasures, and privileges of our everyday lives.

Not only “blissful“ ignorance, but willful ignorance, even when we know how much damage we’re doing to the planet.

Addiction to luxury.

A system where others are set up to do the work for us.

Caring more about what we get than what we give.

Profit over people (hello US response to the pandemic 🤦🏻‍♀️).

“Sacrifice zones” where unregulated pollution is allowed near poor and especially BIPOC neighborhoods.

Valuing the human-made over nature-made.

The US criminal “justice” and prison systems.

The worldwide centralized financial system (Federal Reserve, World Bank etc) that’s designed to create and maintain drudgerous and destructive debt, all the way from the individual level to the level of nations.

Too quick to judge other cultural norms. Too arrogant to consider than other ways of thinking, dressing, acting might be equally as valid.

The idea that advanced technology necessarily makes a culture more advanced.

Thinking humans are somehow more evolved or more important than the other beings on this planet, plant and animal.

Factory farming of plants and animals (and all the soil degradation, ecosystem destruction, methane, and lack of compassion that entails).

Disconnect from community, shared destiny, and responsibility to others.


Working so hard we don’t have time for our friends, family, health, or even to think straight.

Running so hard to keep up that we never stay still long enough to breathe slow…to listen to our hearts…to hear the flutter of a chickadee’s wings…

No rest for the wicked.

Fear of the other.



A deluded construct that keeps us all enslaved…

…unless we do the work to dismantle oppression both within and within the world.

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