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A Story for the Dark Night…

A Story for the Dark Night…

So I’ve been thinking a lot about self-esteem lately, and specifically, how little of it we authentically have in our culture. Rather, we’re taught we’re never enough, that there’s always something we’re missing, that we should be ashamed of even, and that perhaps we’ll never be enough unless we’re even better than someone(everyone?) else. We’ve created this tier system, but it seems no matter where we stand on it, up or down, no one is authentically happy, and it’s a rare person who earnestly loves and accepts themselves.

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Ariana Saraha is a singer & musician based in the mountains of Colorado with a passion for pathos, primordial beauty, and the natural world. Whether writing, singing, or drumming, her mission is to invite us into the much wilder world beyond the trappings of civilization and the accepted meanderings of the mundane mind. She is working on a new album, From the Wild, and a book of musings to accompany it.

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