Theme of the day: GRIEF ?

Ahh, if only we would make a practice of grieving *something* every day, I imagine the world would be a much healthier place. We do too good a job of pasting on a happy face, pretending everything is okay, or else hardening ourselves with anger and cynicism, not letting ourselves soften to the tremendous pain that is alive on this planet. I encourage grieving not to cause more suffering, but to help release the locked down suffering that already exists, and to crack open our hearts in order to more fully love this place ?. That isn’t to say it won’t hurt – it will! But it is a pain that we need to feel, for a world that is so wounded. For if you’re not grieving in this day and age, how can I know that you’re feeling??

Please, friends, this world needs so much more love, so much more care, so much effortful care! Please! For the winged ones, for the furry, soft-pawed and hooved ones, for the swimming ones, the crawling ones, the sprouting ones, the blooming ones, the sheltering ones…and yes, even the human ones. We may be on an extinction spiral, but why not tend everything with love anyway? For the future is unknown, but either way, let us go with love… ?

So find some way to grieve today, to care *every* day ~ whether for the human world, the plant world, the animal world, the mineral world…for any bit of this tortured, gorgeous world! And thank you for all the ways you do! ✨??✨


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