New Christmas EP!

By Flight Behavior 

Songs of Christmas: To Warm the Dark Nights

Available DEC 4 on Bandcamp ♪

(Releases Dec 7th everywhere else)

Friday, December 4th is “Bandcamp Friday,” when all proceeds on the artist-friendly platform go to the artists! And in that generous spirit, we will be donating 25% of today’s proceeds to the First Nations Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Join the Adventure…

Medicine Music for an Aching World…

Ariana Saraha is a singer, musician, and songcrafter from the wilds of the West with an Old World soul. Most often compared to Celtic singer Loreena McKennitt and alt-world artists Dead Can Dance, she writes, records and performs original and traditional world music with Celtic, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern influences.

Saraha performs as a duo (with occasional guest musicians) as FLIGHT BEHAVIOR with Fernando Medina, drummer. “Their music will awaken something primal and ancient, instilling you with a sense of long-forgotten majesty…..”

Download and listen to their MUSIC, find them ON TOUR, and stay connected!

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