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Please stay in touch via my email list so I can keep you posted as dates get added!✨ And if you’d like to be involved further, join the Gypsy Caravan (i.e. Street Team 😉 ). You: print and put up flyers at your favorite spots around town (yoga studios, coffee shops, colleges, etc), We: give you tickets to the show for you and a few friends!  Please email us and let us know your name, age and what city you live in we’ll hit you back with instructions!✨

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Sooo sorry to offend you with a pop-up, but if you're here on my website you must have some interest in my music ~ and I'd love to be able to keep in touch about it! Sadly we can't rely on Facebook anymore, but email is so much more personal anyway :-)  I send out occasional emails (that I compose myself....usually no more than once or twice a month, often even less) with news and musings about life, projects, and concerts in your region (it's true, you'll only receive concert invites relevant to where you actually live!). So please consider signing up, you can always delete them.... But hopefully you won't want to! ;-)

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