This is a fine recording of a wonderful event. The music took me to a peaceful place in my heart. Reminding me of the most wild and rugged places I have been in nature.”  — TIERRO, producer/composer/musician

Album Review

July 1st, 2011 – by Guy Errickson for Colorado Music Buzz
Smoldering, a “Slow Burn” traverses through smoky vocals and breathtaking music influenced by Middle Eastern, Celtic, and Classical Indian music. This is the diaphanous veil wherein Ariana Saraha (Tribal Electra, Angels of Alchemy, performing vocals, darbuka, cajon, & guitar) escorts the listener on her new album, Live at Immersive Studios. Joined in the serene endeavor by the incomparable multi-instrumentalist and singer Beth Quist (Cirque du Soleil, Bobby McFerrin’s “Voicestra,” Sherefe) performing on guitar, hammered dulcimer, keys and harmony vocals; Scott Bears (Khamsa Khala) playing stellar oud; David Alderdice (Feast, Deva Dancing, Sticky Mulligan) storming on drums and percussion; and Meagan Chandler providing guest vocals for “Shadowdances.” Dancing at concerts ranges from meditative to ecstatic, swaying through yoga poses or furious twirling; guided reverie “. . . all the way home.”Aural art at it’s finest; she elegantly projects an aura of peace, joy, and well-being. Ariana’s voice wafts heavenly, brilliant and subtle, power calm with poignant ethereal clarity.

Live at Immersive Studios


Recorded at Boulder’s impeccable Immersive Studios for a live audience in one take, this album conveys the passion of Ariana’s gypsy heart, along with stellar musicianship by several of her favorite collaborators: Scott Bears on oud, David Alderdice on drums and percussion, Beth Quist on vocals, hammered dulcimer, 12-string guitar and keyboards, and gorgeous guest vocals by Meagan Chandler.

The album was multi-tracked on the fly, and then meticulously mixed and mastered by Jesse Manno and Tierro Lee over a 6 month period following.

We invite you to dive in and re-live this beautiful moment in time…

Musicians & Credits

Ariana Saraha ~ vocals, darbuka, cajon, guitar
David Alderdice ~ drum kit, percussion (bendir, riq, dumbek)
Beth Quist ~ vocals, guitar, hammered dulcimer, keyboards
Meagan Chandler ~ guest vocals on Shadowdances
Scott Bears ~ oud

Performed live for an intimate audience in Boulder, CO.
Thanks to all the wonderful guys at Immersive, especially to Mike Yach for mixing the live show! Produced & mixed by Ariana Saraha and Jesse Manno. Cover photograph by Doug Grinbergs. Mastering by Tierro Lee. (p) © 2011 Ariana Saraha Music, all rights reserved.


I sing for the earth
I sing for the angels fallen
Wind is my breath
and thunder is my song

Have you tasted the sweetness of raindrops?
Have you smelled the lilacs in bloom?
Have you seen the sun in a lover’s eyes,
and conquered your own doom?

This endless ache of humankind,
the heart of suffering here inside…
There is a warm cave and I have lit a fire
come sit here by my side.

Together we will sing until the silence falls,
as the flames dance and devour
The dragon’s breath on your mortal skin,
care to join me on the pyre?

How close can we come to death,
dancing on the edge?
What keeps you sane,
what keeps you from the flames,
what keeps your heart contained?

If you were to fall, finally to surrender,
who would you be now?
Who would you be now?…

. . .
With Ariana (vox, darbuka), Scott Bears (oud), Beth Quist (guitar & hammered dulcimer), David Alderdice (riq, dumbek, drum kit)

With Ariana (vox, darbuka), Scott Bears (oud), Beth Quist (vox, guitar), David Alderdice (riq, drum kit)
Slow Burn
My love, my fire, come burn with me tonight
Tear down the blackness with the blazing of your light
And we will fly . . .
Bird of prey encircle me until my skin becomes your sky
Empty and Light

Slow burn, on empty skin
Lava flows, from your love within
You are honey, melting in my sun…
…and I love the endless tenderness of your touch…

. . .
With Ariana (vox, cajon), Scott Bears (oud), Beth Quist (keys), David Alderdice (drum kit)

Kali's Army
Kali’s army is coming around
Kali’s army is tearing the walls down…
…till I am naked and whole again
Tear me open and scatter me to the wind
Like stardust is shattered and gathered in your breast…
This is no lonely death
I am coming home…with every breath
Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma…

Wine blood is flowing from my heart to hers
My love is flowing to the heart of the earth…
…till I am empty and full again
Tear me open and pour me out
This love is a river that’ll ravage your drought
This is a holy rain
I am coming home…to heal this pain…
Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma…

I’m bound in this garden is watered with tears
Turn back ye demons, I’ve conquered your fears!
Yes I surrender and lay me down…
Tear me open and offer me to the land
Till me under and work me with your hands
I am a warrior, in love again
I am coming home…to the heart of man
Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma Kali Ma…

Kali’s army is coming around
Kali’s army is tearing the walls down…
…till I am naked and whole again
Tear me open and scatter me to the wind
Like stardust is shattered and gathered in
your night sky devours and crushes me to your breast…
This is a holy death

. . .
With Ariana (vox, cajon), Scott Bears (oud), Beth Quist (guitar, vox solo), David Alderdice (drum kit). Muse inspiration by Meagan Chandler (dance)

Maiden of Midnight
I gave the wind an eagle feather
That she, she might set my spirit free
And I gave the earth the sacred stone
That she, she might carry me home

All the way home…

I stood at the edge of the trembling sea
And I cast my prayers to the deep
And I felt the pull of the moon on my bones
Calling me, drawing me home

All the way home…

Ancient woman, maiden of midnight
Sing us your mystery song
Oh and gypsy dancer, of the fire and moonlight
Won’t you bring us along

On your way home…

And the sheltering eaves whisper to our souls
Of sacred forests of old
Where we’ll find our way to the circle of stones
And there, we will dance our way home

All the way home…

. . .
With Ariana (vox, cajon), Scott Bears (oud), Beth Quist (keys, vox), David Alderdice (bendir, drum kit). Muse inspiration by Ixeeya (dancer)

Surrender in stillness
to the sweet souldance slumber
Find a way to wander
in the shadow realms of light
Chosen are the lucky ones
to dance the night on fire

I was born of embers,
scattered as ash
And I flew,
lifted on winds
Oh did you see the sun!
as it rose over mountains
and set o’er sea

When you’re done
will you come?
Dance in the ethers with me…

. . .
With Ariana (vox, guitar), Meagan Chandler (guest vocals), Scott Bears (oud), Beth Quist (hammered dulcimer)

© All music & lyrics written by Ariana Saraha.


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