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  • The Wind
  • Siren Song
  • Cry to the Moon (feat. Marla Leigh, frame drum)
  • White Thistle Garden
  • The Last Days (feat. Marla Leigh, flute)
  • Shelter of the Wood
  • Grandmother’s Tears
  • Dance of the Stars
  • Desert Blooms
  • {ENCORE} La Rosa Enflorece / Swallow Song

In Concert…

Singer, rhythmicist, earth muse, and wild spirit…

Ariana Saraha is a singer, musician, and composer from the wild West with an Old World soul. Most often compared to Celtic singer Loreena McKennitt and alt-world artists Dead Can Dance, she writes, records and performs original and traditional world music with Celtic, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern influences. She is now performing as a duo (with occasional guest musicians) as FLIGHT BEHAVIOR with Fernando Medina, drummer.

Since the 2015 release of her debut album, Maiden of Midnight, Saraha has been working on her next, From the Wild, while traveling the primordial and sweeping corners of the earth… Download and listen to her ALBUM, find her ON TOUR, and stay connected!

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“This evening is the first time I have listened to Ariana Saraha’s “Maiden of Midnight,” and I am utterly unprepared for her wild, mystical soul and music that transports me to faraway realms and ages. Frankly, I am blown away. I feel as if I have stumbled unknowingly upon a gypsy caravan and stepped into the circle of dancing firelight and music. It seems the perfect soundtrack for a foggy, coastal night at the edge of the continent, here at the threshold of earth, sea and sky. At times there is a Sarah Brightman quality to Saraha’s soprano voice, though the music is less symphonic and more Old World — which is actually part of its allure. Less sleekly produced, more authentic. Most of the songs are at least 6-minutes long, well over the typical 3-minute pop composition. Indeed, there is nothing commercial here or geared to court a mainstream audience. In the very best way, “Maiden of Midnight” strikes me as unapologetic — true to the essence of Ariana’s wild, gypsy soul.”L.R. Heartsong, Author (from the article, The Wild Soul Songstress, featured in the Soul Artist Journal)

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